Donaldson's Crossroads

Donaldson's Crossroads

336 Fourth Avenue, 8th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222
35 stores

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Donaldson's Crossroads is located on 336 Fourth Avenue, 8th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222. More than 35 stores.
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by Julia (2/19/2014)
This comment concerns the Shopping strip at McMurray and SR 19 in McMurray, PA owned and managed by mallsdb. The main driveway into the shopping area off of State Route 19 is a disgrace. There are huge potholes that have not been addressed in over four months and have become so large that if your car wheel hits it, you are in danger of breaking an axle or at the very least, knocking your front end out of alignment. This is the very thing that happened to me this evening. There is no street light on the driveway and one cannot see at night to avoid falling into the main crevice and then wondering if one's car wheel is going go flat or if the rim has bent . I am furious and I refuse to shop there again until the driveway repairs are made. There are too many other stores in the area that offer as much or more, to be dependent on repairs from a slum landlord!