Country Crossings

Shopping mall:
Lebanon Valley Mall
Route 422 West, Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042-2589
+1 717-274-2564 (shopping mall info)

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Country Crossings store is located in Lebanon Valley Mall, Route 422 West, Lebanon, Pennsylvania 17042-2589

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by Susan (10/28/2014)
Who paints the furniture in that store, it's only half finished and its all scuffed up. There also damages in the wood, cracks, and chips in everything. I dont even know how that place is still open. Do they even sell that junk?

by keith (10/27/2014)
The furniture at country crossings looks nice... but let me tell you. I bought a couple pieces of furniture and when I set them up in my home, the hutch only lasted 4 days. It fell apart. Whoever they have making these items doesn't know what there doing. I'll never go there again. Its all cheap pine wood. I'll make my own from now on... plus it's cheaper to do it yourself