Lakeland Square

Lakeland Square

3800 U.S. Highway 98 North, Lakeland, FL
92 stores

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Lakeland Square is in Florida, city Lakeland. Mall is situated on adress 3800 U.S. Highway 98 North, Lakeland, FL
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by mE (10/31/2014)
I've lived here for almost 7 yeas and have been to this mall about 7 times. Each time I think well the mall is closer than the Brandon Mall so we will give it a try. EVERY time I leave and think wow! I should had drove to the Brandon Mall. I love Dillard's but this Dillard's doesn't have the sales other stores have nor do they carry much merchandise and every time I've been in this Dillard's they have been so rude I've left smokin hot. I've shopped at Dillard s for years and never had issues with them until coming to this location. The Dillard's attitude seems to carry though out the mall. People do not smile they all look miserable and very grubby. We were in the Macy's one day picking out some shoes and the girl that came over to see us looked like she had just rolled out of a dumpster. I really thought she was homeless and was going to ask for money. SHE mentioned her own dress and seemed quite "proud" of her filthy appearance. IF she had not had a name tag on I wouldn't had believed she worked there. Really? There are no standards for any of the employees in this mall and it shows! The entire mall is full of doom and gloom. There are some real shady characters that roam around and their attitudes and hatred beaming from every pore does not make it a comfortable place to shop. So upon our last visit I decided it would be our last visit. I'll drive to another mall happily where people act human and treat you like another human!