Mattress One

Shopping mall:
River City Marketplace
I-95 & Airport Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32209

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Mattress One store is located in River City Marketplace, I-95 & Airport Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32209

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by Courtney (11/18/2015)
Whatever you do, do NOT GO HERE. I purchased a queen mattress on their Labor Day special from the retail worker Todd. Todd is a piece of crap and a horrid person. He didn't offer me any other options aside from the few in the back corner which I was later told is the lower inventory. When I went back to pick up my mattress Bobby helped me load it and let me actually walk around the store and told me about the mattress trade-in deal if I wanted to trade up from the cardboard Todd sold me. Got home to find out I did not have a queen size but it was in fact a full. Called Bobby who said I could bring it back and just fill out paperwork since my situation is such a shit show and I'll eventually get part of my money back. Had to go on my next day off and Todd was the only associate there. I DID NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE BEING THERE ALONE WITH HIM. He treated me like an ignorant and ungrateful patron for not loving the mattress he sold me. He wouldn't let me explain and said Bobby didn't know what he was talking about and the company policy doesn't allow for refunds. He ended up cursing at me as I tried to talk over him and ask if I was really supposed to drive back over the Dames Point with this thing after I was reassured I could return it. Todd is rude and a lowly piece of dirt that doesn't deserve his job. He abuses his position just to make his commission. I have called corporate repeatedly to file a complaint and have them take their stupid mattress back but SURPRISINGLY they have yet to answer / call back.