All Cell World

Shopping mall:
NorthPark Mall
320 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806
(563) 445-4249
Between B and C

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All Cell World store is located in NorthPark Mall, 320 West Kimberly Road, Davenport, IA 52806

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by Margaret (12/25/2014)
i have worked in customer service for over 3 years now, and i have NEVER seen such rude and terrible service in my life. i would have been fired immediately if i said half of the stuff this man said to me. I went to All Cell World in Northpark Mall. My parents were getting my phone fixed for Christmas. (its an iPhone 4) We paid $80 for both screens and got it back an hour later. (its an old phone, So please take into account that i wouldn't have been so upset if it didn't have all the pictures of my deceased son on it and i could transfer them to a new phone. its prepaid.) walking out of the store, it worked perfectly. i was satisfied. However, a couple days later, i was driving up to Chicago when the screen went completely blue and green. unresponsive. I was in Chicago for 3 days and unfortunately could not take it back until i got back into town. while i was in Chicago, i was looking at the phone and pressed on the top of the screen with my thumbs AND IT CRACKED. with just my THUMB. Pissed, i took it back and the owner of that location himself, REFUSED to fix it under warranty, because i "Dropped it" I explained to him 3 times what had happened and he said, and i quote "I've been doing this for years and you mean to tell me that you 'just pressed on it and it broke' " I confirmed it and at once he said, and i quote "i don't know how old you are, but did you know i can have you thrown out of this mall and banned permanently?" I'm fucking 19. he then told me that he can "give me a discount" for $30. but that was all. i took up the offer for the discount. but if it is deemed unrepairable, i will be suing. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ELECTRONICS HERE.

by The iPhone dealer (all of us do business illegally) (5/15/2014)
Here at the all cell world at the Northpark mall in Davenport, IA, I had the worst experience happen to me for my 12 years that I live in the US. I left my iPhone to get it unlocked and told them to unlock it so it's good to go for Europe (with any networks) and the worker (a blonde girl) told me they will have it ready after 2 hours (this was the day that a tornado broke one of the windows at that mall last year in 2013). Two hours later I went back and got it, paid $50 then here I go to Europe thinking my phone is good to go there and it's still LOCKED. I paid another 30 euros ($40) to get it unlocked there. I came back to the states and went back to the store. I talked to the guy and he was telling me that Im bringing him back a new iPhone (not the one that they kept for 2 hours took my $50 and handed it back to me) and that Im now trying to get this new one unlocked for free. Another word is he was accusing me for doing business with iPhones trying to get them unlocked for free. Now that my iPhone was unlocked and good to work in Europe (they unlocked it there), this guy was telling me that it is still locked and that it has never been to their store. So maybe they don't know how to get them unlocked for Europe or they just let my phone sit there and handed it back to me after 2 hours that day?! because Im not the only one with the very exact story, they did the same thing to my cousin. After I talked to him he saw that I was right but he refused to collaborate with me and I cant believe I and the guy got into a big argument and almost a fight. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. Only in two months, I got ripped off $50 and my cousin got ripped off $75. Same exact thing happened to her. Not to mention the management at this mall didnt even want to hear about my experience. I talked to a couple of managers there, they didnt care either or they cant do anything about it. UNPROFESSIONAL AND THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. I run a business too and I never rip people off.