AT&T Wireless

Shopping mall:
White Marsh Mall
8200 Perry Hall Boulevard, Baltimore, MD
Zone B (Level Upper Level)

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AT&T Wireless store is located in White Marsh Mall, 8200 Perry Hall Boulevard, Baltimore, MD

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by Lady in animal print (7/23/2016)
I when to this AT&T because I could not get into my phone. The guy that I attempted to explain the issue to basically dismissed me telling if I am lock out of my phone they can help me I need to contact Samsung. He made no attempt to help. It is obvious that this guy have no working knowledge of products that is being sold in White Marsh Mall store. I left and when to another AT&T store in the same area The gentleman in the store listened to my issue took my phone , told me what I needed to do, in than 5 minute he had my phone working and assisted me in setting up my phone security.

by anonymous (7/15/2016)
The guy who "helped"me has this arrogant attitude.. I needed help with transfering my contacts to new phone. He said we have to download this app.. ok i get it dude. i thought we can do the old way buy he said it will take 'HOURS" alright we tried to do it his way. he was like it will be done in 5 minutes!! aha... 20 minutes i just got 20 pics out of 300!!!! and he looked at me and said " I TOLD YOU SO!! i left the store. GEORGE- you need to be nicer!!!!