Centerpointe Mall

Centerpointe Mall

3665 28th Street, Grand Rapids, MI
46 stores
by anonymous (12/23/2014)
I love the new layout. Helps that some of my favorites are all next to each other now. But it looks new - is there anything left of the old? I haven't actually seen the other side yet. But it's easy to see what stores are there, with their signs above their entrances. This is the model I've seen at outlet malls; separate stores with entrances outside.

by Donna (1/9/2014)
I parked by the "Best Buy" side of the recently remodeled Centerpointe Mall. The huge Dunham Sports sign with protected roof sure looked like an entrance. When I got closer it was a brick wall. So, I walked past the Sec. of State Office into an entrance only to find the stores no longer adjoined by a hallway. After walking to the front entrance I was out in the cold and snow to find a door to actually get into Dunham's. No more hallways, no more mall walkers. What an innovative idea: go to a few stores, then out in the cold, wind, slush, rain or heat (depending on the season). That's what shopping was 50 years ago. Then someone had the bright idea to put all the stores under one roof. A mall! What a great idea. Good-bye Centerpointe ... I'll be at the real malls.