Pretty Nails

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Northpark Mall
Suite Lower Level, 188

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Pretty Nails store is located in Northpark Mall, 101 NORTH RANGE LINE RD., Joplin, MO

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by Michelle (10/14/2015)
I have only ever written good reviews. However, I feel the need to warn others to stay away from this business. Typing this is painful d/t my new ingrown fingernail, after getting a mani/pedi at this establishment yesterday (10/12/15). I should have left after the nail tech did a weird angle cut to my great toes, a terrible polish job that got all over my toes, and then had me walk barefoot across the salon to get my manicure- I have never been to a salon that did not either put my shoes (flip flops) back on my feet, or put a pair of the cheap greenish flip flops on my feet after my pedicure. Sadly, I did not leave bc I really wanted to get the 3 week old shellac polish off my fingernails. During the manicure she nicked/cut me and drew blood once, and did the weird angle cut to my fingernails. When she finished with my nails they were completely uneven with a terrible polish job. I told her I was unhappy with how my nails looked and showed her how uneven they were, she stated that she thought I liked long nails. She took the nail polish off and began to file my nails to even them out: telling me I did not have to pay her for it. I was so upset I asked her to stop trying to file my nails. I wanted to leave. I paid and left. After I left, I realized she did indeed charge me for my manicure in addition to my pedicure. I will probably need to go to my Dr. for an antibiotic for my finger now. I have several other fingers that are slightly puffy and a little tender. As I'm thinking about how my experience went, I realize I don't remember ever seeing her separate the tools she used on me ( to sterilize) from the other tools she used. I also don't remember seeing her open a new set of tools to use for either my mani or pedi.