Bargain Box

Shopping mall:
Colony Square Mall
3575 Maple Ave., Zanesville, OH
Zone A (Level 1)

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Bargain Box store is located in Colony Square Mall, 3575 Maple Ave., Zanesville, OH

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by anonymous (3/20/2014)
"Cheyenne Patton" The so called "Manager" of this so called "establishment" spammed my facebook, tried to hustle me into buyin records, and then proceeded to harass me when I told her I would not shop at her store... When I told her if she did not quit harassing me I would go public with the messages she was sending me... She then goes on to bring my dead mother into the conversation and called me a douche... Yes that's right... Because I would not buy her overpriced vinyls... Boycott this store... Not that anyone shops there anyways... That's why the manager has to try and hustle up sales on FB...