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Montgomery Mall
230 Montgomery Mall, North Wales, PA 19454-3904
(215) 362-5080
Lower Level near Mall Entrance C

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Opinions is a product research company that helps the public better understand today's consumer products. Your help is greatly appreciated and usually compensated.

Opinions store is located in Montgomery Mall, 230 Montgomery Mall, North Wales, PA 19454-3904

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by anonymous (5/22/2015)
Wow. What a negative experience today with this group. After being stopped in the mall, I agreed to take a "ten minute survey" in an office. First I was told to lie about the last time I ate a granola bar since it was well over a month. And then was asked to change my real age from 60 to 53 on the paperwork. When the girl administering the questions did not do it correctly or it "didn't take" as she explained, I told her we were well beyond the "ten minutes" and I had to leave soon. She told me I could skip through the initial screens to get to the end the second time around. However, when the "supervisor" saw me doing this, he approached me and said I was clearly in a hurry and not taking the test correctly. I explained to him (his name is Mike) that I had already been through the screens. But he asked me very rudely to leave. What a joke. He refused to give me his name and the name of the company he worked for and pretended to be making a phone call. He told me the information I was asking was "none of my business" more than one time. So........I went to the mall managers office and will be sending him, Jack Fazio an email as well. What a shady business!!! And such a shame that young people are trying to make some money working there. Mike is an incredibly rude young man who shouldn't be employed by anyone. He should find out the facts before shooting off his mouth and demanding a customer leave. Fortunately, I know someone who works in a store nearby this business and they gave me his first name and the name Opinions.