Shopping mall:
Northwoods Mall
2150 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC
Suite Main Level, K-5024
South Carolina

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Micabella store is located in Northwoods Mall, 2150 Northwoods Blvd, North Charleston, SC

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by Julia (8/27/2015)
Karma is a bitch

by anonymous (3/25/2015)

by JULIA (3/19/2015)
I will sue the faggot who went and lied on me, I will sue the mall and the faggot security and some other bitches too! For defamation of character. I will sue the funky bitch in Verizon too!

by anonymous (2/26/2015)

by ex employee (2/26/2015)
Other races over at the kiosk when you are black. Now some may just simply be not interested, f they do walk up to the kiosk and you address them they run off like they don't want you to help them. Mrs. Lillie told me plenty times that I am not black, Because I am lighterskinned and my father is Puerto Rican and west indian and my mom is black. She fired me because a guy was being rude to me, because I call him over and maybe he did not want be bother but call me a bitch. He also went and lied to the mall office and told them I was being racist. I heard security also lied on me as well. I am writing this 3:00 in the morning because I can't sleep and I am depressed. May God Help me.

by ex employee (2/26/2015)
Mrs. Lillie and some of her fake employees have issues. She will have you standing at Micabella kiosk where you have no walkup customers at all. It was like her and the customers are racists. Color me beautiful on the other hand, which by the way is her stand and mostly sell black women makeup gets plenty of walk ups. She will put lightskinned black women and mixed women at Micabella because she feel that we could sell anything because of our complexion. Darkskinned wom en is always hired at Color me beautiful where more money is being made at. Now mind you Micabella mostly caters to white folks, latinos, and asians. Itis hard trying to get